Mono Material.png

Mono Material

This product has been made using paper and card making it easier to sort and recycle with paper products.

The handles are also made from woven paper too.

Please recycle with other paper products.

Naturally Degradable.png

Naturally Degradable

This product is made from paper and will degrade naturally in soil or marine conditions.

The inks and glues are water based.

Petroleum Free.png

Petroleum Free

This product contains no plastics and is petroleum free.

Responsibly Manufactured.png

Responsibly Manufactured

This product was produced in a ISO14001 and SA8000 certified factory.

ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system.

SA8000 is the international standard specifying socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

Reduced Waste.png

Reduced Waste

This product uses over 80% of its raw materials. The remaining 20% is recycled as post consumer waste.

Sustainably Sourced.png

Sustainably Sourced

This product is made from FSC approved materials. FSC Certification number TTCOC003779

This means the paper comes from trees produced in a managed forest and has not contributed to deforestation.